Genetic: What means F0, F1, F2?

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Genetic: What means F0, F1, F2?

Mensaje  UlyX el Miér Ago 11, 2010 1:51 am

This Image was post originally by Minghan from BSM.


F0 = Parentes
F1 = Filial 1
F2 = Filial 2
F3 = Filial 3

Well, let me explain IN extense what is F0, F1 etc.

I'll try to explain the most simply way.
Each gen (each characteristic) was established to an allele pair. Each allele is share for one parent through their sex cells (sperms and ovules). So, into the spermatozoa will sends a half of the information; color, size, kind of; etc. The last half of the information is share through the ovules. When the whole information is complete (2 half together), depends of the dominant gene is how the new fish looks.
In this sample we will put whit uppercaps the dominant gene and whit minuscules the recessive genes

The Veil Tail Bettas (VT) are dominants, we put the genotipe as like "V".
Crown Tails are recessives we put as "c"

In this sample we will work with 2 genes: color and kind of tail.
Red is dominant, let put like "R" and white "b".

A Red VT will be VVRR (twice types because, there are 2 equal alleles; VV means Veil Tail and y RR means Red)
A White Crown Tail Betta will be ccbb (if you look at, you can see that genotype are wrote in minuscules because they are recessives genes)

Lets start with F0 (first Parents or the origin)

If we have a Pure FINNAGE White CT, we have a real ccbb (crown tail y bwhite)
if we have a PURE FINNAGE Red VT, we have a real VVRR (Veil tail y Red)

The offspring will be F1 (filial 1 ó First generation)

NOTE: for this sample we put all of the offspring Males to get easy undestanding.

What happens if we spawn those offspring.

Father Red VT (VcRb); Mother Red VT (VcRb)
You can see that uppercases is the real look of the fish.
The new offspring that we can get wiil be:

The most will be Red VT (9)
But, we have the first different fishes 3 White VT and 3 Red CT
Finally we get our first White CT (ccbb)

Marrow that one in sixteen sons probably will be a White CT
So, if we have at least 32 fries and we have one male and one female White CT. When they spawn we get F2
They will be look...Parentes ccbb

This is not the really behavior of this genes, but is very simply to explain the famous f0, F1, F2.
This will be the behavior of 2 genes Dominant VS recessive.
So, CT is not really a recessive gene.
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