Welcome to the BettaMx Forum and CBMX (Club BettaMx)

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Welcome to the BettaMx Forum and CBMX (Club BettaMx)

Mensaje  rturrubi el Mar Ago 10, 2010 3:51 pm

Welcome to the BettaMx Forum and CBMX (Club BettaMx)

We give you the warmest welcome to all visitors and users visiting from other countries to BettaMx forum.

We hope you like it, feel free to express your opinions, questions, comments or concerns in this area which will be under constant monitoring by our collaborators which are ready to answer any concerns and to help in the translation of your post or topics.

Once you've published a topic in this area this will be translated by our staff and moved to the area concerned for their quickest attention then, any reply to be published will be translated into English (it will be in more languages soon) so that you can have a better monitoring in your publications .

We hope you enjoy this forum and we ready to receive and respond your post.

Greetings and unafraid to share!


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